The quiet location and the idyll of the camp site in Amelinghausen are ideal for relaxation, but there will certainly be no boredom. You can see a lot here.

Discover the lively and colourful sides of the Lopautal and the Lueneburg Heath. Landscape and vegetation offer a changing, multi-faceted and exciting experience of nature. Tourists with a love of nature will be overwhelmed by the beauty and the singularity of the landscape of the three wildlife parks in the Heath.
Nowhere else in Germany are there so many leisure parks, adventure parks and animal parks as close together as here with us. This turns a stay in Amelinghausen into a real adventure for the young and the old.
The special nature all around as well as the leisure and adventure parks are ideal to be combined for a longer holiday stay here.

CYCLING: A new brochure describes 12 cycle tours in the holiday area of Amelinghausen. For every tour there is a detailed description of the route and a sketch with tips for sights, Heide areas, condition of the cycle tracks stops at inns. The length of the tours vary from seven to 52 kilometers.
You can get this brochure and rent bicycles in Amelinghausen.

TENNIS: With its modern hall and outdoor courts the tennis club of Amelinghausen offers guests the possibility to pursue their hobby at any time – and this right besides the camp site Lopautal.

STROLLING AND SHOPPING: The two historic towns of Lüneburg and Celle are very close to Amelinghausen. In their centres there is one restaurant and pub next to the other. Strolling and shopping becomes an event in the carefully restored old towns of Lüneburg and Celle which attracts more and more city people to the Lueneburg Heath. Last but not least don´t miss the Heideblütenfest (Heath Blossoms Festival) in Amelinghausen in August!